Zindagi hai par kya zinda hoon

Aisa tho nahi ki sirf saansein bataati hain ki main zinda hoon

Aisa tho nahi ki koi ehsaas mujhe alag mehsoos karata hai

Kuch baaton ko aise dil mein liye ghoomti hoon

Aisa tho nahi koi sunne ke liye nahi aata hai

Khidki bandh hai par Patton ki sarsarahat se pata chalta hai ki

Tez hawa hai jo unhe hila raha hai

Khushi ko mehsoos karne ke bas ek pal pehle hi

Khushi ki khidki kuch iss tarah bandh ho jaati hai

Phir main, aur patte hi jaante hain ki uss meethi muskurahat ke hawa ka chalna

Khaamoshi ko door nahi kar sakta.


Because she believed she could do it, Make everyone happy and prove it

She decided her destiny, to desire uncertainty

She chose to break her heart, give to people to tear it apart

She is the one who wore short clothes and spoiled the society, she wasn’t brave she wasn’t any diety

It’s her fault if she flaunts, the society will keep giving her taunts

She will have periods blood on the dress, but she will be laughed at by the media press

She gets mood swings but softly cries it out, she should cover her face and dare not pout

She is crybaby who has flood of emotions in mind,it’s her fault she helps and is kind

Society Oh ! Please it’s always right,it will harass her on the sight

People is this fair for her, why does she have to fear!?

Instead of saying her stay at home and safe you’ll be,Say him look what misery you’ve caused now you see

Let’s raise a voice and say it aloud….

I am the ‘SHE’ and I’m Proud

Society.. change or go to hell, for I’m human no property you can sell

I’ll fight and give all energy and every ounce,I am no ball you throw ‘n’ bounce


STAY STRONG because its about every women NOT ONE OR TWO

The flirty tale

I met this guy at the bakery shop

I fell for him and I started to hop

My sis told he is out of range for me

I told her to wait and see

I went to him and began to say

You look so charming on this day

I wanna be the cherry of your cake

And the secret ingredient of every dish you make

I wanna be your best treat

Neither too sour nor too sweet

You can taste my every flavour

But you have to do me a favor

Embrace me and promise to care for me

And promise that a good guy you will be

He held my hands and the rest you know

What was I telling ,oh ya so

This is the story that turns my sister pale

She lost a bet which is about the flirty tale

The tale of bravery

An Angel fell for a wizard, unknown to his deed

He was just playing with her,she was one of his greed

She waited long for him to return

He turned her hope into ashes and let her burn

She didn’t cry,she wished him get well soon and went away

She thought he had the disease of cheating and had no angry words to say

He made a potion of magic by mixing hypnotism and slavery

Least he knew,that she was an idle and like a bottle full of bravery

He threw the potion of magic upon her and down she fell

He thought she was dead but here is what I have to tell

The old friends of the princess came and he tried to run away

But the friends were determined,they burnt him alive that very day

She is no more,but people don’t talk about her gravery

She hadn’t had story of fear but a proud TALE OF BRAVERY.


My plans were awesome I must tell you

Not just some art or dance the plans weren’t few

Le’me start with my plans to paint

I did paint 45 of them so I ain’t gonna complaint

Then it comes to learning about science and creating my book

Which would be about human facts,not about recipes to cook

Then I thought of losing weight and becoming slim

I ended up just eating and dreaming about how to swim

I had thought to learn recreational activities and beautify myself

But now I haven’t moved up a bit or even cleaned my shelf

Last but not the least I have spent a lovely time with my family

I watched movies,ate food and talked about all happily

But few incidents were funny about which I don’t wanna talk

But I will tell about them someday when the time is shown right on the clock


You must be wondering,what is this tale

It is about a virus which spreads on a large scale

If you are thinking about corona, you are wrong

You can’t fight this virus even if you are strong

Yes you are right it’s examona (virus due to exam)

It’s an indestroyable virus,I must tell you Oh damn!

You have to take vaccinations called books and insomnia

You have to stay away from phones which are the true mafia

When you succeed in fighting the examona virus

You get cheers and claps from parents in Chorus

I must tell you this virus has no antidode, but to study

You have to forget enjoyment and focus on books,buddy!

There is one cure for this examona virus,I’ll tell you someday

You have to meet again,Because I have a lot to say!😆


After the entire day of watching the online screen

And attending the classes which are boring

I get the time to relax and lean

When I finally feel happy and end my snoring

It’s the time I enjoy and go for a walk

And I have a lot to discuss with my sister

We talk about classes,life and crushes

I tease her as someone’s girlfriend who is a handsome mister

I love to see her smile and to see her beautiful blushes

We talk our heart out until our parents come for walk

Then we change the topic from crushes to T.V.

Then we roam in colony and just barely talk

Then I come back home because that’s where I am supposed to be!


There was once a girl with lots of crushes

She changed them like daily toothbrushes

She was happy until she trusted one guy

Who left nothing, but for her to cry

She thought guys were horrible and heart-breaking

Who would give her grief and all of sadness thing

One day she met a guy, mysterious and friendly

She remembered he was an old friend and a topic very trendy

They talked one evening for hour and hour

And all sweetness overcame her memories very sour

She awaits to meet him again the next day

Till then she has memories and a lot to say

She has got a crush back on this old friend

But don’t know what will be this story’s end?


Today I am here to tell you a tale

A quick one so don’t turn pale

Its about the struggle of mathology

Which twists the brain’s physiology

When it says sin cos theta

Or it takes us to Alpha Beta

Keep struggling and juggling through it

Break your brains and then screw it

People tell maths is the fun way

I’ll tell you what happened but that’s the story for another day!


Hi! I am Anushree. People call me Anu. This is because they never want to take my full name and get rid of the affection they have for me. Do you feel the same kind of attachment with anyone else? Or maybe with your own LIFE?

LIFE in its best way is that one constitution where we belong. Taking birth, playing with toys, learning values in school, sharing moments of joy and sorrow with parents, turning eighteen, college, job, marriage, growing up kids, settlement, grandkids, retirement and death. Is this what Life means for us?

Certainly NO.

Life is; Loving yourself, Doing everything for a smile and that smile can be yours or others, Helping the helpless, Giving what we have in wants, Loving Nature, Making and preserving memories, Accepting gifts of life, Challenging the sorrowful days, Bringing the positive spirit everywhere we leave your presence, Making someone feel special, Being your loved one’s heart, and what else!

This is when we start LIVING our LIFE in the right manner. And when this happens, we have that peace which we desire at every moment of our existence.

I hope I have made clear what exactly we should do to lead our existence at the right track with right values and right manner.

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